Writing a Convincing Business Analyst Case Study

business analyst case study

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A profession for business analyst is not an easy thing because they need to do a lot of things. The analyst will need to use organizational skills, experience and analytical skills for implementation of system and business solutions.

Profession of Business Analyst

The analyst is a liaison between external partners, technology organization and business community. He is responsible for conducting interviews with project stakeholders. They are the one who ensure that technical solutions that being developed satisfy the needs of business. The profession of business analyst includes testing the system, creating the system and user manuals. They are the one who solve business problems.

Importance of Good Case Study

Conducting case study for business analysts is important because you got to know many things. You can able to identify opportunities that can improve the business processes and operations. It also involved modification and design of business systems. In case study for business analyst and business policy case study, you gather documents and you have the chance to analyze the business requirements and needs. You got to solved the business problems and find technical solutions.

Business Analyst Case Study Examples: Small Case Study

I worked with You project having full time BA allocated as resource team. We are creating mobile interface that is available on site of our client. The team we have is made up of Boost staff, client’s staff, 2 developers, a tester and product owner.

Here is what BA did

Working with product owner:

  • Research for stories
  • Meeting with other business in explaining what we are doing and what our team need

Working with team:

  • Collecting screenshots of system that we are reviewing
  • Helping to write QA test cases
  • Asking for approval to other business for use of 3rd party plugins

Our BA attended all planning meetings, stand ups and retrospectives. There is a huge value in having them to our team.

There you have an overview about a profession in business analyst and a short sample that will help you in writing a business case study when you are required to write on it.

Start to write your case study for business analyst now!

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