How to write an academic case study

Writing an academic case study is one of the difficult tasks to make, because there are a lot of genres for making an academic case study.  A case study may be academic or for commerce. Whatever the case study is for? The goal s to present a problem and provide different course of action and alternative solutions for the problems presented.

Actions that in making case studies

Making a case study does not necessary follow an academic case study template but it is manly divided into man actions to on how to write an academic case study. This involves:

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Writing and presenting the case study.

Understanding Research

Research involves gathering all the information from different sources. This involves research through different media, newsprints, magazines, internet and books. For you to be able to know how to write an academic case study, you must get all the background information about the case. Interviews from individuals is all part of the information gathering. You must also have all the other information on-hand when you are interviewing as there are some data that needs to be verified and only certain individuals can be able to shed light on this information.

Analyzing Data Collected

When you have collated all the information and data, the next crucial step is the analysis of data gathered. This information can be quantitative or qualitative data that will help you create an academic case study template before writing the final draft. You must ask your self how these factors affect one another and what happens when each variable is changed. You have to scrutinize all sides of the issue and look at every possible angle of the problem. Arrange all the information properly and put into a draft before writing the final case study. Arranging the sequence of information and variables will help the reader understand your point and better understand what the real problem is.

The presentation of the case study

Writing the case study, sometimes before writing the final draft students also come up with a pre-draft. Everything should be arranged systematically and according to the turn out of events to better understand what the case study is being presented. Case studies need accurate data gathering, research and planning. Presenting accurate information will help the reader come up with solutions for the problem.

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