How to write a case study report

Writing a case study report is an important part of the learning process of the student. It provides him with hands-on experience with real life situations and tests him for what he has learned in his years of study. Case study report writing is an assignment for theory in practice, for the years of learning you are now going to practice these in real life situations.

Different formats of case study writing

There are different formats of writing a case study. It can be written in essay form or like most instructors they require their students to write it in report form. Case study report writing follows this outline:

  1. Title page
  2. Executive summary
  3. Table of contents
  4. Introduction or case background
  5. Body of the analysis
  6. Alternative solutions
  7. Conclusion/Recommendation(s)
  8. Implementation plan (if requested)
  9. References List
  10. Appendices

If you need more pointers on how to write a case study report you can always refer to your instructor for further instructions. Sometimes writing a case study report may require different formats as suggested by your instructors. When trying how to write case study report it is important that you present your data and information systematically for the reader to understand the case study so that they will also be able to make their own solutions for the problem.

How to write a case study report

Make sure you already identified what you will be writing about; you can get ideas from current events or situations that are happening within your location. Writing case study report about a company or industry that s closer to home will give you easy access to information and it s also something that you are already familiar with.

Begin your research; gather all types of information from all possible sources of media. Now the internet can give you free access to information, aside from primary research or interview with individuals.

Arrange and analyze all the data, arrange them systematically that it will form a puzzle that the reader will piece together. Make a conclusion; make sure the conclusion will also stir the reader’s mind to make his own solution for the problem presented in the case study.

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