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The Wal-Mart Corporation is one of the most successful businesses in history.  As such professors everywhere are fond of assigning a Wal-Mart case study.  Harvard University uses case studies in their business school teaching, and indeed what has come to be known as the case method of teaching was originated there.

The Case Method and a Wal-Mart Case Study

To understand the history of the case method, an example from which to start would be a Wal-Mart case study.  Harvard University professors in the opening days of the Harvard Business School felt textbooks were inadequate to the task.  As an alternative, they conducted extensive interviews and research on successful businesses and wrote the now legendary series of HBR (Harvard Business Review) case studies.  Had Wal-Mart been in existence back then, the HBR files might include a Wal-Mart case study on marketing, or cost control, or distribution.

Today a new topic area for a Wal-Mart case study could easily be management continuity.  The graveyard of failed businesses is littered with once successful corporations that could not survive the passing of their entrepreneurial founders.  If you are a student of business history, you may recognize the name F.W. Woolworth, whose corporation slipped beneath the waves in the United States not long ago.  How has Wal-Mart survived and prospered?  A more personal and relevant question is would you be up to the task of creating such a Wal-Mart case study?

Why You Should Get Help with Your Wal-Mart Case Study

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