Our Logistics Case Study With Solution

Purpose of logistics case studies

Logistics is often overlooked by many people when considering companies and what makes them tick. It isn’t given much attention until a problem develops, and it is then the critical role it plays becomes apparent. When logistics breaks down it can bring everything to a screeching halt. Logistics case studies examine problems in logistics as well as provide a means to improve existing systems and procedures. For business students a logistics case study with solution is a learning tool and an opportunity to see the important role logistics plays in actual business situations. Logistics case studies allow students to test their analysis and decision making skills applied to actual scenarios that have occurred. Students may also be required to provide logistics case studies with solutions that they have written themselves.

Writing a logistics case study with solution

The first consideration in a logistics case study is what is the objective? This may be solving an existing problem, but may also be improving on a system that already works well. Whatever the objective may be, it should be clearly stated. Research and data collection will be the next step taken. Collect as much relevant data as possible. It won’t all be used but better to have excess than to lack a critical piece of information. After data collection select the information you will use in your logistics case study. Assemble your information in a format that will be easy to assimilate. Analyze the data provided using your method of choice or that is required by your instructor. Your analysis will provide several possible solutions. Examine and discuss each, and present pros and cons. As a conclusion present the best solution as determined by your analysis. The following is a brief outline of the logistics case study.

  • Present the problem/objective
  • Research and collect data
  • Assemble and correlate data
  • Analyze the data
  • Present and discuss possible solutions
  • Conclusion

Things to remember when writing a logistics case study with solution

Remembering the following points can help improve your logistics case study

  • Be objective
  • Be thorough.
  • Back up everything with facts
  • Analyze. Don’t tell a story
  • Use clear and concise writing
  • Proofread. A brilliant case study can be ruined if full of spelling and grammatical errors

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