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What is a marketing case study?

A marketing case study is an in-depth look at a particular marketing problem or goal that a company has. It will cover in extensive detail every step of the process and all the factors involved. Analysis of the data will provide potential solutions to problems or methods to reach a goal. Many business schools make extensive use of case studies to allow students to become familiar with the analysis process involved in seeking solutions as well as the decision making process. Students may also be asked to write their own marketing case studies with solutions, in addition to analyzing existing case studies. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about Harvard case study solutions.

Researching for marketing case studies with solutions

The first step in preparing a marketing case study with solution is research. No solution can be determined if there is insufficient data to do a good analysis. Research is likely the most time consuming part of preparing a marketing case study but is necessary. Resources used in research include the following:

  • Library and internet research- This is the starting point for collecting data. Look at any prior research that may have been done, and any articles or reports that may relate to your case study
  • Contact your subject- If possible try and arrange meetings with the key personnel at the company your case study involves. If a live interview isn’t possible, an interview by telephone, skype or other means is an alternative.
  • Interview company outsiders who may have relevant information. This could be an analyst who tracks the company, a government employee whose agency deals with the company or other outsiders that may have information

The collected data must then be sifted through, separating that which you will use from that you don’t need.

Analyzing marketing case study data

The data collected and judged usable will then be assembled and written up as you wish it to be presented. The case study will roughly be broken down into the following categories

  • State the problem or objective
  • Presentation of all data collected. Background, strengths and weaknesses, external influences
  • Evaluation and potential solutions. This is the analysis portion of the case study. Potential solutions should always be backed by facts. Pros and cons of each potential solution should also be presented
  • Conclusion. Again backed by facts. Marketing case studies with solutions must always be backed by facts

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