How to Stick to Your Business Case Study Format

business case study format

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You should know by now that writing a business case study is a difficult thing to do especially if you’re a Harvard teacher or student. Harvard case studies are challenging and complicated to do. To know about the format of Harvard for business case study, here it is!

Harvard Business Case Study Format

Writing business case study must need to follow a scheme. Check this out!

  • Immediate problems or issues: You need to define the immediate problems and solutions. You need to provide a time frame.
  • Associated or basic issues: List any issues that influences your decision. For instance, strategic issues.
  • Information summary: Make sure to make a summary of the major pieces of details of the case. You should identify the facts, opinions and assumptions. State clearly the assumptions, make an analysis about your case and resent long term issues.
  • Important part: In here, you need to provide alternative solutions wherein you need to list the advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to support it with solid facts. You need to present the pros and cons of each one.
  • Recommendations: Based on your presented facts, present what you should do to fix the problem.
  • Means of control: List all methods you want to be use in determining whether implementations or recommendations worked.

If you don’t know how to write case study report, then follow the above mentioned tips.

Other Business Case Formats

If you want to know other formats, here is one.

  • Engage readers with good headlines
  • Summarize the story
  • Provide background
  • Describe the challenges
  • Explain your approach
  • Show measurable results

Business Case Study Format: Shifting Away From Different Format

It is possible to shift away from another format because it depends on the case study paper you will write. The fact is that you need to know what is the best format for your case study for it to flow logically and smoothly but you can still stick with Harvard business format as long as you know how to follow it correctly. Whatever format you use for your business case study, the important thing is that you address the challenges, the solutions and the results to your readers. They need to have complete understanding of your case when they are done reading it.

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