How to Present a Case Study

Presenting a Case Study

The quality of your case study presentation will reflect how prepared you are in presenting it. There is no secret on how to present a case study, the tools you will use in presenting your case study will only complement it. How prepared you are and how well researched your case study is, is the most important part of it all.

As part of your course, you will be required to do a case study presentation as a group or individual, this will all depend on your instructor. The best resource person to help you how to present a case study will be your instructor, he will give you instructions that you need and sometimes he will also give you a case study presentation format to follow.

With the rise of technology we have come up with better tools in presentation, most students now make case study PowerPoint presentation in place of projector slides from way back when. Creating a dynamic case study PowerPoint presentation will help stir your audience’s interest and make them focus on your case study presentation.

Case Study Presentation Template: What to Follow?

When writing a case study, it becomes your major responsibility to add the fact-based information without sharing any personal opinion or argument. Many of the students who’re asked to compose a case study need to know some important traits of writing it.

1. Start with an Engaging Intro.

Every reader wants to know about a little background or history of the topic. Therefore, it becomes necessary to give a brief overview of what you’re writing about.

2. Discuss the Problem.

If there is a lot to share regarding actual problem of the case, then you need to end up the intro earlier. Simply, start discussing the problem and include all of the important details regarding it. Make sure that you’re following the right case study presentation format.

3. Present the Possible Solutions.

Well, the discussion of problem with no inclusion of their solutions is against the writing format of a case study. Therefore, share the possible ways to deal with the issues being discussed in the case.

4. Finalize, Conclude.

In the end, you just have to add some questions for solving the case study. It is a necessary part to let others teach the actual ways of solving the case study.

How to Do a Case Study Presentation

Here are a few pointers on how to do a case study presentation; these MBA case study tips will help you make your case study presentation a success.

  • Prepare. Make sure that you have right tools in your presentation. If there are special instructions that you need to follow from your instructor then do so. Sometimes your instructor will require you to follow a case study presentation format.
  • Create a comfortable environment. Arriving early and having the feel for the place where you will be presenting will calm your nerves and this will also help you have the grasp of where the equipment for the presentation is and where you will stand when delivering your presentation.
  • Manage yourself:, sometimes when you are presenting anxiety and nervousness gets in the way. Channel these energies into something that is positive for you.

These are some of the pointers to remember when presenting a case study. Your presentation is just as important as the case study itself. Inseminating the information to your audience and making them understand the case study you have presented is very important.