Finance Case Studies With Solutions From Our Experts

Purpose of finance case studies

Case studies in the area of finance allow a company’s management to identify problem areas by examining and analyzing relevant data. Finance case studies may also be used in determining how certain objectives can be met. For students a finance case study is a learning tool that provides access into how real life business situations in the area of finance work. They are able to study situations that have occurred in business, see how personnel reacted, and place themselves in the role of those involved. In this way they are able to use their own analytical and decision making skills. Students may also write finance case studies with solutions of their own to further develop skills. Most business schools now use case studies as a major part of their program.

Writing finance case studies with solutions

Writing a finance case study can be an intimidating project for a student. While it can be a lot of work it isn’t necessarily as bad as you might expect if you follow a basic outline as you go about your project. The finance case study with solution can be broken down into several steps or stages that have a logical progression. The steps in your case study will be as follows

  • Identify the problem. This is self explanatory but it should be stated in a clearly understood manner
  • Research. Collection of data and information related to the problem. Begin with the library and internet. Look for past research, relevant articles and documents. Try and conduct interviews of company personnel involved as well as company outsiders who may have knowledge you can use.
  • Sort and assemble collected data into the format that displays it in the way you wish.
  • Analyze the collected data and information. It may be that you are required to use a specific method of analysis or you may be able to choose the one you prefer
  • Evaluate possible solutions. Examine pros and cons of each
  • Conclusion. Select the best solution or solutions

Tips for writing a finance case study with solutions

The following tips can be useful in writing your finance case study

  • Don’t jump to conclusions. Examine all data first
  • Be objective
  • Support statements with facts
  • Write in a clear and concise manner
  • Proofread your case study

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