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What is an MBA case study?

A MBA case study contains detailed information about a company’s history, strategies, objectives and key personnel amongst other things. It will usually cover a specific period of time or an event. It is used as a way to provide solutions to various business problems. It can be used to recommend various actions that a company should take to respond to different situations that may occur. The case study allows students to read about a problem and outcome that actually occurred, and then make their own analysis and recommendations to arrive at their own MBA case study solutions. In time they will be expected to write original business case studies and solutions of their own, without the benefit of reading how other managers did it. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about operations management case studies with answers.

Steps to arriving at MBA case study solutions

The purpose of the MBA case study is to provide a solution to a problem. The problem may be how to respond to a situation or how to achieve a specific goal. MBA case studies may become very complex and detailed, but at the most basic level the case study can be broken down into two major steps. Anything else will either have to do with case study presentation, or should be considered a subcategory of one of the two steps. These two steps are

  1. Research- The collection of any data and information that is relevant to the stated problem. Information collected may include a company’s history and growth, a company’s strengths and weaknesses, external threats and opportunities, key personnel in the company. All information collected for use will need to be assembled into a workable format.
  2. Analysis- This is the examination of all the above information and data. There are a variety of analysis methods such as SWOT that may be used. Analysis will provide various potential solutions that will be further analyzed until a final solution is chosen

The rest of the MBA case study is a simple matter of putting the above into an easily read format. Of course research will eventually have many subcategories which will in turn have subcategories of their own. However when thought of in this manner it can prevent being overwhelmed by the task

Tips when writing your MBA case study

The following tips may prove useful when writing out your MBA case study

  • Be thorough.
  • Be objective
  • Back up your MBA case study solutions with facts
  • Use clear concise writing
  • Proofread

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