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What are Harvard case study solutions?

Harvard is often credited with beginning the use of case studies as a tool for instructing its business school students. A case study is a detailed account of a certain time, event or problem that has occurred in an actual businesses history. It will provide information on the problem a company has had to deal with or an objective it has, and the steps taken to solve the problem or obtain the objective. Case studies are business situations that have actually occurred. Students are given the task of analyzing case studies, and making their own decisions on what a company should or should not have done. In this way they arrive at their own solution using what they have learned. Case studies basically have no single correct solution. They may have several good solutions and many poor solutions. Those good solutions would be what are considered Harvard case study solutions.

Arriving at Harvard case study solutions

HBS case study solutions are obtained by performing an analysis of a case study. Every case study is different but every analysis of a case study will contain the same basic elements. The elements found are listed here:

  • Information on the company’s history and growth
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the company. Areas in which it excels and areas in which it lags
  • Information on the external environment. Also known as threats and opportunities that exist outside the company but that could affect it. An example would be a competitor in the field.
  • Company strategies
  • Different means and methods used to implement company strategies

The elements listed above will be covered in extensive detail. There are a number of methods used to analyze a case study. By using a method such as SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) an analysis can be made and a solution arrived at. Recommendations can be made, based on your analysis and solution.

Useful tips for analyzing a case study

There are some general tips that can be useful when working your way towards Harvard case study solutions. They are as follows

  • Know the case you are analyzing. Be thoroughly familiar with every detail
  • Allow yourself plenty of time
  • Be honest with your evaluation. Don’t be influenced by personal decisions
  • Make sure your solutions and recommendations are backed by facts

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