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A case study is a type of paper that is used in medical, legal, social sciences and to other fields. In fact, it is mostly found in patient or client services settings like social services, legal work and medical. A case study describes about the problem and solution.

Format of Case Study Report

Case study of an individual:

  • Introduction
  • Patient/Client
  • Symptoms: Problems and Diagnosis
  • Treatment Plan: Components, Application and Results
  • Conclusion

Research Survey:

  • Brief introduction
  • Background
  • Present Study: Sample, instrument and analysis
  • Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Brief conclusion paragraph

Sample of Case Study Report: Case Study of an Individual

  • Introduction: You need to mention the patient/client, organization/clinic, the person responsible for the examination and purpose of the study.
  • Patient/Client: Thorough profile with description of the patient of client, general background. In this part, you need to use 5 W’s:
  • Who is the patient
  • Where she lives
  • What is her work
  • When and how or why
  • Symptoms/Problems and Diagnosis: You need to provide a thorough discussion of individual’s problem or present the symptoms and diagnosis.
  • Treatment plan: Divide this into 3 subsections:
  • Components of treatment
  • Application of treatment
  • Results or prognosis
  • Conclusion: Brief conclusion writing the name of the patient, her illness, assistance and result.

It is hard to make a case study report sample but when you have a basis or when you have a guide, you no longer need to worry. Whenever you are having a hard time writing your case study report, it is better to check out some examples on the internet.

Writing a Case Study Report is Hard to Write Without Help

If you do not know what you need to do in writing your case study report, it is definitely hard. With this, it is suggested when you get a help from other that have ideas or knowledge on how to write an effective case report. With the help of other people, you are assured that you get the assistance you need.

It is not easy to write a paper that is why you need to know at least the business case study format.  If know more tips on how to write it so that getting started would not be a problem to you.

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