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What are accounting case studies used for?

Accounting is a critical area of any company or business. Many people may think of accounting as simple bookkeeping, but accounting in a large company or corporation is a vast undertaking. Accounting case studies are used to solve accounting problems in a company by detailing all the necessary data and information to arrive at accounting case study solutions. Accounting case studies are used by business students to learn and gain experience by examining real life accounting problems and solutions. They are also able to put their learned skills into practice by performing their own analysis of various accounting case studies and making the decisions necessary to enact different solutions. Students may also write their own accounting case studies with solutions to problems presented.

Preparing an accounting case study

Accounting case studies will vary from case to case but will all be approached in the same manner. A problem will be presented, which you will be required to cover in an accounting case study. The first stage of your case study will involve research using all available resources. Begin with the library and internet. Search for any previous research, as well as related articles and reports. If possible interview key personnel from the organization your case study deals with. Interview company outsiders who may have relevant information. Sort through all the information and data collected, separating that which will be used from data that isn’t needed. The research stage will be followed by the writing/analysis stage. Begin your writing by stating the problem. The next section will contain all data and information relevant and presented in a logical fashion. This will be followed by the “analysis” section, that presents possible solutions to the problem based on the data analyzed. The last section will be your conclusion, and contain what your analysis has determined to be the best of the accounting case study solutions.

Summary of steps for reaching accounting case study solutions

The following list briefly summarizes the steps taken to complete your accounting case study

  • Identify and state the problem
  • Research and collect data related to the problem
  • Assemble the data
  • Analyze the data
  • Present possible solutions based on facts
  • Conclusion. Final solution

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