Case Study On Leadership With Solution From Our Experts

What is a case study on leadership?

Leadership case studies are the detailing of events and occurrences and how they were dealt with. However, rather than looking at particular data, strategies and similar information to see how a solution was arrived at, the focus is on the manager/leader and how they dealt with the situation. A leader’s management style, techniques and personal characteristics will be examined in relationship to the outcome that was arrived at. By analyzing various leadership qualities in relationship to outcome the goal is to determine what qualities do or don’t work in different situations. A case study on leadership with solution can be used by a student to see different styles of leadership in a variety of situations. This doesn’t only apply to case studies that result in good outcomes. A case study on leadership with solution that ended poorly may also be studied to determine what doesn’t work.

Information examined in a leadership case study

A leadership case study doesn’t examine the same type of data and information contained in many other types of case studies, although there will be some that is similar. The following is a list of “data” needed to make a case study on leadership with solution

  • Personal attributes of the manager/leader- Includes the leaders abilities, skills and knowledge. Personality traits are also considered but are difficult to measure
  • Style of leadership- The approach taken by the manager to their role of leader. Friendly or aloof. Hands on or delegate etc
  • Goal or objective- What was the leaders purpose in the case study
  • Procedures used by the leader to achieve their objective. The particular steps taken. Was success or failure in achieving the goal the result of steps taken or leadership qualities
  • Final result- Was the goal achieved or not

The majority of the above can be measured including abilities, skills and knowledge. Traits such as charisma are much more difficult to examine. There remains debate as to whether leaders are born or made. Regardless of debate certain leadership qualities can be developed.

Tips for writing a case study on leadership with solution

Use the following tips when writing your leadership case study

  • Be objective
  • Use clear concise writing
  • Analyze. Don’t describe
  • Provide facts to back up conclusions
  • Proofread your case study

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