Best Operations Management Case Studies With Answers

Purpose of operations management case studies

Operations is considered by many to be the core of a company. Operations management case studies enable companies to analyze problems in operations. The case study also is a tool that can be used to help better meet targeted objectives and goals. It is useful in developing strategies to increase operations efficiency and improve performance. Business schools use operations management case studies with answers as a means to show students how real managers have dealt with real business situations. Students will be able to apply the skills they are learning by analyzing these same operations management case studies and formulating their own answers and solutions. As they advance in their studies students may be required to write original operations management case studies with answers, without the benefit of seeing steps and solutions others have developed.

Writing operations management case studies with answers

Answers are what operations management case studies are all about. The conclusion of a case study provides an answer or solution to a problem or objective. That answer or solution is neither correct nor incorrect. Rather it will be considered either a good solution or a bad solution. A case study should be written in such a way that while it does provide a solution, it also invites further examination and analysis. Every individual may examine and analyze the exact same data contained in a case study but arrive at different solutions. That being said, the structure of the operations management case study will adhere to the same basic format shown here:

  • Statement of problem/objective
  • Research and collection of data and information
  • Assemble data in useful format
  • Analyze data and information
  • Present possible solutions with discussion of pros and cons
  • Conclusion. Provide an answer/solution

Tips to remember when writing operations management case studies

The following list of basic tips can be useful and help to improve your operations management case study

  • Be objective. Personal opinions shouldn’t influence your analysis
  • Don’t provide solutions based on hunches. Back up everything with facts
  • Use clear and concise writing and get to the point
  • Be thorough. Examine all relevant information
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

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