Privacy Policy

Our site,, welcomes you! This is the privacy content of our site where you will find details on how and why our company collects your personal, credit card, automatic data, and other data. Rest assured that every data we collect are not shared or sold.

  1. Our site,, collects your credit card data for completing your papers, but you can have peace of mind that these payment details are not shared or traded to anyone.
  2. We at gather your personal data for purpose of communicating with a customer, you, about your paper order. These include your full name, email, and mobile or phone number.
  3. We at record or gather your automatic data such as your browser setting and type, special pages visited, IP address, and other automatic details. This is done only to monitor site usage including traffic data.
  4. We at use cookies; as the user, it is your responsibility to turn on or off your settings, turning it off will not allow you to browse special pages here.

We at may change this content without notifications; visit our website often to learn of any of these updates.